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About Us 

Catherine and Gordon met in 2016 through a mutual friend the first week that Catherine moved from South Carolina to New York City.  One of Catherine’s friends, Caroline Gregorie (now Caroline Bennett), invited her to a get-together at two Sewanee guy’s apartment (Alistair Hutchings and Bill Murphy).  The evening started out with Gordon convincing Catherine she was colorblind which did not go over too well.  

Later, Gordon made amends by asking Catherine out on some of the most epic dates of all time (she literally could not say no).  Their first date was a 3 course prefix at One if by Land Two if by Sea where neither party ate any food out of nervousness and they actually had to ask the waiter not to bring anymore courses.  The week after that first date Gordon wooed Catherine with lobster rolls, US open tickets to see Serena, and a Kanye West concert.  Catherine’s dad can be quoted as saying “Are you sure you like the guy or just want to go on the dates?” to which Catherine responded, “I am not sure yet”. 
Gordon also attempted a very romantic horse and carriage ride around Central Park as a surprise but as they were walking up to the horses Catherine started going on and on about how awful the industry was and how sad she felt for the horses.  In a rather quick pivot Gordon bought a bottle of Champagne and they sat in the park together sipping it from plastic cups while Catherine explained why horse and carriage rides in New York City should be illegal for animal rights reasons.  
After Gordon realized that Catherine was smitten with him the dates digressed into Chinese takeout and bizarre techno concerts in Brooklyn… but she was obsessed with him all the same.  The rest is history! 6 and half years later Catherine and Gordon spend their days joking around and arguing about which one is “right” which is all in good fun because deep down both of them know that it is Catherine who is most definitely always right! 
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