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Club Rubes


Daytime: Casual beach attire, cover-ups, shirts, shoes, flip-flops, sneakers. No denim, cargo pants, blue jeans, cutoffs, or the backward wearing of ball caps. Gentlemen are to remove hats and caps in the Club and Beach House dining and bar areas. Shirts are shoes are required when moving throughout the main club house as well as during all meal times unless specified.

 *As a note shoes are not required when dining at The Beach House or at the Yacht Basin, specifically during Friday lunch and the Friday night Festival!

After 7pm: Attire will vary depending on the evening please see itinerary for specific attire recommendations.

Thursday Night Dinner and Welcome Cocktail: Come as you are! All we ask is that you wear a shirt and shoes.  No jackets required. We will be outdoors all evening.

Tennis: All white tennis clothing including hats and socks (minimal trim) is required. Plain white t-shirts are acceptable. No running shoes or cross trainers.

Golf: Gentlemen wear full-length walking shorts and collared shirts. No cargo shorts or bathing suits. Ladies wear shorts, skirts, sports blouses, or collared shirts. Shoes: Golf or tennis shoes; no metal spikes.

Croquet: Cover-ups and t-shirts are required.


Electronic devices must be in silent mode and are only permitted in select public areas as indicated below.

  1. Telephone calls are restricted to your room or car when away from the Clubhouse.

  2. Texting and emailing is allowed but please use your best judgement and be respectful and discreet.

  3. The bride and groom kindly ask that you turn off all devices during the wedding ceremony.  This includes taking photos, texting, emailing, or talking on a phone.

  4. Devices with ear buds or earphones may be listened to on beaches and while exercising.

  5. Taking photographs is permitted at any time other than during the ceremony.

  6. Drones are not permitted anywhere at Mill Reef without prior approval by Club management.

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